Friday, July 15, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff

Alright so a couple of big things and a few small things.

My grandmother, who is like a mother to me, came to visit about 2 weeks ago.  I had procrastinated cleaning until the day before she was due to arrive.  My house looked like crap so I went on a cleaning spree.  I didn't get any sleep that day.  What was really interesting was that I tried taking some breaks around 4-6 a.m.  A few interesting things happened.

I sorta hugged the bed while kneeling down on the floor and asked Alex to give me a back rub to "give me the strength to continue". (I was joking)  I wasn't expecting what happened.  I felt her hands rub my back and then I felt her hands go inside my body.  Then I felt these pulses of please being emitted up my spine from my back area rushing into my head.  It felt wonderful.  haha.  I came up with a strange thought when it happened. (or maybe she was telepathically telling me?)  That the pleasure sent from normal sex has to travel from the nerves below on a journey upward to reach your brain so it can register.  She was able to trigger this from just touching the back area.  It was kinda cool actually.

Then around 6 a.m. I was getting very tired and worn out so I decided to take a "break" and lay down.  I only had 50% of my cleaning done and if I had fallen asleep I would have been screwed.  As I started to drift into the echo's of sleep, Alex jerked my foot causing me to snap awake.  LOL.  I grumbled but didn't move out of bed.  Then after a few more minutes I started to fall asleep again and then she did something to my mouth that made it seem like a giant saliva bubble popped.  Again, I grumbled some more and remained in bed trying to relax.  I started to drift further into sleep and then she like sent a quick shock through my entire body that jolted it awake.  It was like being tazed but without the electrical surge or harmful effects.  That instantly snapped me out of the groggy frame of mind and I went back to cleaning.      

She was looking out for me because she knew how badly I needed to clean the house.  To those that might think that I am 'exaggerating' I rarely clean my house.  The only routine things that I do is to throw away garbage and clean dishes that's it.  Soooo having not cleaned the house in like six months... left me with a lot of work to do! 


If my grandma had come while it was in the current state she would have flipped.

What was really interesting about this was that my grandma got delayed twice.  (I wonder if my succubi had anything to do with it... I guess it's possible?)

I have exchanged emails with that man who is conducting the Liber Lilith rituals.  His blog is pretty cool and informal.  If you haven't already, I would suggest checking it out!  (titled "Lilith Blog" in my useful links section)

One of the things I talked about with my grandmother while she was here was that I wanted to go on a spiritual journey sometime within the next two years.  I want to do a wilderness trek for at least 6 months to 1 year.  Without luxury and alone.  (well not really since "the girls" will be with me.)  I want to find my roots.  What my grandmother recommended was to take the Appalachia trail and I think that would be a good place to start.

One of the things I do need to start before going on this journey is preparing myself to endure the hardships.  A good place to start (as recommended by one of my closest friends) was to remove internet/entertainment access for a short period of time to brace myself for the change of lifestyle.  Because of this I am going to be removing computer access for about a month to get a feel for what it's like.  I won't be updating this blog during that time, but I am sure I will have experiences and encounters to talk about when I do come back.

Until then thanks for reading!

Cya guys in a month!   

Monday, July 4, 2011

New person experimenting with Liber Lilith?!

Just came across this a few minutes ago.

Apparently someone requested this artists expertise in building the clay doll for Liber Lilith less than a week ago.  I'm interested in finding out who it was, but alias the client was listed as "private".  Maybe he (possibly she) will come across this blog some day and tell me how the rituals go.  From the look of it, they are gathering all the materials.  I had found a good website to purchase sheep parchment that was the correct length and wasn't overpriced in comparison to other sites prices.  But when my virus hit my computer, I lost the site bookmark.  :(
(edit - The person who is conducting the rituals posted a comment below)
(edit2 - The person who is conducting the rituals has a blog that I listed in my useful links titled "Lilith blog" check it out!)  

Lilith Encounters Set A

I do not completely agree with all these encounters and viewpoints but I felt the need to post them to reveal different insights other than my own.  I did cut some of the text to make it briefer and focus on Lilith, but I encourage everyone to read the original sources if they have time.  Also, read at your own risk.  =P  

Original post: Lord Drago

When my first experience occurred with the male demon I had fallen asleep, the next thing I know there's a green demon (muscular, of course!) on top of me, doing the nasty. Never did I feel scared, more curious than anything. I have no idea how long this went on - suddenly I awoke and asked my boyfriend lying next to me in bed if he noticed anythng. All he said was, "It sound like you were having sex." Okay.... Unfortunately, it never did happen again, though I did WANT it to! smile By the way, that was when I still considered myself to be a born-again chrsitian fundamentalist blah, blah, blah. So no influence from my religious practice.

Fast-forward 8 or 9 years to about 6 weeks ago.I went to sleep and boom, there were little girls running around me in a city park, when suddenly, a small girl with long blond hair grabs me by the arm, swung herselfonto my body, threw me down on the ground, and started doing the "wild thang." Again, not scared, just surprised. I never have dreams with sex activity, damn! When I next looked up at her she had become a young woman with dark brown or black hair and an evil look in her eyes and smile. Her hands grabbed hold of my neck and began to squeeze, tighter and tighter. Hmmm, death by asphyxiation with a demon I identified as Lilith! :shock:  Sorry, I wasn't quite ready to go just yet. I was able to remove her hands from my neck, and next thing, I am awake.

In both cases I realized this was more than your typical dream (I never have typical dreams anyway, just no sex dreams. Damn! What a curse!) The Lilith dream came(No pun intended) after I had been incorporating certain demons into my nightly meditation for two months, though I attribute it more to my meeting my newest body piercer who I found very cute, and instilled some long unseen feelings within me.

Lastly, I did have another dream with young girls in it again a week or so later, one of them being similar to the blond in the Lilith dream, who seduced me and enticed me to follow her and her young friends to what appeared to be an abandoned, run-down apartment building. When we got to the front stoop she turned to me, evil eyes glaring, and said, "I'm going to kill you! HaHaHaHaHa!" I replied, "I don't think so!" She grabbed my foolishly pointing finger with her teeth and refused to let go, her bite growing harder and harder. So, do I yank my finger and get it bitten partially off? Or do I let her just bite the whole damn thing? Yank it was. Then she and the little girls laughed and ran into the darkened building......story to continue at a later date.

Lord Drago - The Seduced One

Original post: Lord Drago

Just to enlighten you blackpeacock: in the Lilith dream the young blond girl did become a black-haired young woman. The third dream, now that one I was concerned about. Need to write it in my Dream Journal and analyze the clues, gotta be something there. Maybe I am becoming a perv after all! I do aspire to become an evil sorcere!:twisted: Though man, woman and demons could occupy most of my "magic" time!:wink: 

Original post: Lafiel

The following I will describe here may come across as obscene to anyone. You've been warned!

Yes, Lilith did sprout wings on her back so long ago when she left Adam(at his consent) to go fly to Heaven with great power. I managed to duplicate the very same as she did even before I read about her. It basically happened when I experimented with teleportation and leaving my physical body.

It has taken quite a while to study the ways of the spirit, but I've managed to duplicate the same ways Lilith conceived of when she shouted "Shaddai El Chai!" on that fateful day when she was exiled by Adam.

I often leave my body to go have sex with her. Basically you leave and then your whole physical body takes over and starts masturbating all on its own, and I assume this is what happens with any intercourse with spirits.

The first time I did it, my body was filled with so many unclean spirits that I came down with an episode of Psychosis. Multitudes of voices started speaking through me whenever I would speak. It was almost as If I was suddenly an archangel of some sort, and no one could hear them but me of course. I was eventually about to control this effect to where it was less annoying of course.

Well, I kept doing it with her after that... eventually she mentioned something about destroying my 7th chakra so that I would only have six. That way my soul would increase so that she could partake of it. At first she started relentlessly interrogating me about my soul... I don't even think she knew what happened to it. Her only question seemed to be " it damned? Is his soul damned or not?". This was among the other angels of course... it's almost like we had to keep telling her I was immortal(christian) because she couldn't believe it or something, but eventually she did. I had a lot of bodily pain because of what I allowed her to do, but I'm over it already and on a singular drug for both autism and any singular bouts of psychosis.

All I remember was how much my angels had to keep telling all of my enemies and accusers about how much my soul wasn't "damned" and also about how much it had been increasing because of the trial I had suffered. 

Original post: Banshee

well next ime u try somthing like that try lilith if your willing to pay her price 

Original post: Grab

What is the Lilith's price?

Original post: Banshee

don't know, never did do it my self, but from what I have heard and read it varies.. it all depends on what your willing to give up and in the most extreme cases your own soul or some sort of servitude

and what i been told repeatedly is to hold your cards close to your chest

just remembered some sorta blood sacrafice is perfered as well, but i cant remember if thats apart of dealing with her or how to summon her

Original post: hendo555666

It can be done in the evocation, but its not neccessary. Why the hell would you wana summon Lilith????? 

Original post: Banshee

well shes the embodyment of lust, and if u can strike a cord with her your set 

Original post: natas666
ah Lilith, she is great for finding out things to come, but  i dont suggest asking Her to aid in matters of love, that would probably end badly,trust me I know Her. besides, you will end up falling in love with her..i have (I hold her above Satan himself as a theistic Satanist)

Original post: natas666

i have had sex with Lilith and it was very empowering on a psychic level

Original post: sami999x

It's hard to explain.  I can't explain this without making you guys laugh.  Here I go.

When it comes to working with Higher plane deities, sex-magick rituals are normal.  And they're more of a spiritual experience when Higher Plane goddesses work.  But when it comes to working with Venus entities, it's like whenever I do rituals with them, they cause a tingling sensation between my physical legs.  That' the sensation we sometimes get during actual physical intercourse. 

And here's the part that will make you guys laugh at me.  I work with Lilith sometimes, although not that often because I can't find enough resources that aren't dogmatized.  But I've *never* engaged in an astral intercourse with Lilith.  I kinda respect Her a lot, and go sometimes for advice on how to "kick ass".  But it's mostly mother-son talk thing with the old lady.  We never have done it yet, and she doesn't push, and I don't either.  I respect Her a lot, and don't have any insecurities and I'd sleep with Her anytime. Except even when I just *sit* beside Her and am just discussing advice, I get that tingly feeling betwen my legs.

Just keep in mind that the version of Lilith I worked with is a lower plane aspect.  She really is super "evil" as dogmas say.  Except I don't use that word.  And so far, we just talk because I've lately been too busy with homework.  But just the *talking* makes my lower chakras feel very strong vibes that turn me on.  And as for my Higher chakras, my higher plane guide is somehow associated with them. 

Would anyone else agree, from their experiences, that the lower plane demonic and other beings are somehow related to the lower chakras?

Original post: natas666

i contact Lilith too so i know where you are coming from. its very empowering and causes my chakras to go crazy 

Original post: sami999x

Are there any "good" resources on Lilith?  I mean, all the info I find are just to dogmatized. 

I have a personal belief that the use of the word "lust" to describe her desires is just wrong.  Because it kinda is designated to make you feel "guilty" about wanting sex.  And those writing describe sex as a form of "guilty pleasure", and kinda get your head to short circuit.  Not very good for self acceptance.  Because that gives you a Demon-hating view where you're the "Innocent angel" who *HATES* Lilith.  roll

I tried looking for Liber Lilith. But that's kinda out of stock. 

And as for Satanist magicians, they have a view of "good vs. evil".  That becomes an unnecessary part, judging fromwhat She is.  I mean, She's right in all the stuff she does, at least in my view.  And they just view Her as somebody who is somehow "GUILTY*.  I'm an RHP magician and I don't even view all the rebellious, incestuous, adultering, carnal, erotic wild and sexy stuff as evil since I went through some writings.  Humans are more "evil".  JUst my personal view.

So, is there any way I could get the basic info needed to get some rituals done properly?  Because all the stuff I have is just her sigil. 

Original post: natas666

i must caution anyone seeking a relationship with Lilith, once you meet Her you may become obsessed. she is just that powerful. personally She teaches me about things to be,performs sexual rituals,speaks of spiritual secrets, and so much more. 

Original post: sami999x

Lilith is the honorable type.  I mean, heck, She won't be vengeful unless you go all "judgemental Jehovah" on Her.  And who wouldn't be vengeful in that position? 

Original post: Obsidian

I have a personal belief that the use of the word "lust" to describe her desires is just wrong.  Because it kinda is designated to make you feel "guilty" about wanting sex. 
That right there is your obstacle.

Lust is Lilith's greatest weapon. You want more out of her? Then let go of those guilt feelings.

Here's a suggestion (a very simple ritual):

In whatever space you occupy to perform any ritual you simply have to make sure that there is enough floor space for you to lay down completely flat.

On one end of the room (doesn't matter which side) place Lilith's sigil. Just above the sigil set up one black candle. Doesn't matter what kind of candle it is so long as it is black.

Light the candle and then step out of the room.

Undress yourself completely and walk back in, expecting Lilith to be spiritually present with you.

Sit in the center of the floor facing the sigil and candle. Focus your thoughts on Lilith, lay down completely flat, and begin masturbating. If you find this offensive, then you have no reason to call on Lilith in the first place.

Continue to focus your thoughts on images that remind you of Lilith. Once you begin to feel that your climax is getting close, begin to speak out to Lilith (you don't have to yell) and say what it is that you want. Continue speaking as your climax approaches. Just as you are about to achieve orgasm, pick your head up slightly and stare directly at the sigil and do so until the orgasm has subsided. At that point close your eyes and allow your head to regain its resting position.

Be absolutely still for about one minute. During that minute think of nothing. Simply breathe with ease and let your mind be void of any mental pictures.

After that minute is up, get up, put out the candle and go get something to drink.

Whatever happens after that is different for everyone.

Original post: sami999x

[QUOTE=Obsidian] Lust is Lilith's greatest weapon. You want more out of her? Then let go of those guilt feelings.
You aren't supposed to feel "guilty" in the first place.  It's normal to have those desires. 

Original post: Leviathan

I think Lust should be desired of HER. That the aspirant of Nuit is called to be Lustful to even call her "down" to himself.

That she'll wanna' take things real serious and get "Married" to you, making you one with your God. 

Original post: sami999x

What sphere of the Tree of Life (/Death) would Lilith correspond to? 

Original post: moonburn33

Survey says: Malkuth

But I'd highly suggest that you ask her yourself. Do that masturbation ritual beforehand. That's uh... really important. Yeah. 

Original post: Leviathan

Aleister designated her to the sphere of Binah, calling her Cup "the Cup of Understanding" which holds the "Blood of the Saints" in it.

Original post: sami999x

Are there any good books about working with Lilith?

Original post: moonburn33

Good books?  No, probably not.

Just summon her and dive right in.  The most you have to worry about is that your personalities clash and she eats your mind. 

Original post: Darkwater

My own personal intercourse with Lilleth is through Void,her being the Grand-daughter of Lady Tiamoor.As such she is maiden,mother & hag,all three attributes of the fate's or norn's or valkyre,the 3 sisters wyrd from tree of wyrd/life/death.

she fucks me as maiden,I see her a mother of all children of shadow(I am child of shadow/vampyre/voidian watermark.Hags appear all over all pantheon & should be treated with all the respect you can muster,most are lovely under a sometimes ehhh,crusty exterior.Non are ever offensive to the eye to me,all must be approached honestly & truthfully in love to pass.There is even a Mexican granny who hasn't washed since her grandson left her centuries before,................. Anyone with respect for knowledge & wisdom which goes along with years gets on fine with them,& they pay you back tenfold.

If any young bucks/stallions rely solely on sexual prowess out there,they may find it more prudent to meet everyone & everything out there on the level.

Just go to sleep & something will come to take you as it pleases,according to your desire.I can't be any more specific.Lileth,of void,is cool.I love her.



eh,I am in a special position where I don't think I will ever have physical sex again unless I leave my wife & children,on the other hand there is a hairdresser I could have sex with on Friday in secret,maybe,but a clear conscience is important to me in all things.

There is some legend of a guy who sleeps with a former nymph but dosen't have sex with her which gives him more power in the Astral,can't remember where I read it?

Original post: Obsidian

[QUOTE=koolbear05;293690]I started getting slightly obsessed over archangel Michael. . .

What would this ritual accomplish?  And is there a male version of Lilith?
In my opinion, Michael wouldn't work in this ritual because he's too much of a goody-two-shoes. big_smile

What this ritual actually accomplishes is a bond with Lilith's sexual and demonic energy.

A male version of Lilith would be Semyaza.

He was the one who led the Watcher Angels to have intercourse with mortal women. So he has that aspect of lust. In doing so he defied God as Lilith did. The similarities are strong.
Original post: sami999x

Lilith is like my mommy, who I always miss.  LOL. 

Because I can't find enough resources about her. 

She's done it with me quite a few times.  But I still enjoy hugs. 

I don't get the part where angels defy God because they wanted sex.  I had sex with the female aspect of Archangel Gabriel many, many, many times.  I had some mystics tell me they had similar experiences.  And we all had objective experiences with natural changes which told us it was a living being.  She always appeared female in my visions.  And believe me, those were some of the awesomest of sex-nights I spent on the astral.  I had Muslim grandparents describe to me that Gabriel was the most beautiful of Archangels, except they said she always appeard in multiple male and female forms.  And now I know she has 10 of more Tree of Life sphere aspects.  And I worked with the Binah one, which is a very tall and cute woman.  And I heard there's even rituals related to angels of water which are associated with sex specifically. 

So, yeah.  I don't get the part that Lilith gets her kids killed by some judgemental fucker from above who wants to genocide them.  I think the Jehovah in Lilith's story was like some nasty asshole for a Bigfoot who hated sex.  Probably an androgynous asshole who was hiding in the closet. 

No offense to Christians.  LOL. 

[sarcastic, I just loooooove Jehovah roll

Original post: sami999x

eh,I am in a special position where I don't think I will ever have physical sex again unless I leave my wife & children,on the other hand there is a hairdresser I could have sex with on Friday in secret,maybe,but a clear conscience is important to me in all things.
Human culture has ruined our minds, souls, and bodies, my friend.  It just sucks. 

There is some legend of a guy who sleeps with a former nymph but dosen't have sex with her which gives him more power in the Astral,can't remember where I read it?
Our lives always depend on the situations we are in, my friend.  As well as the situation of the woman/women we love.  As long as we don't hurt them, that's all that matters.

I love Lilith.  Except I wouldn't call her a "void".  I respect her.  I see her by what she stands for.  As in freedom for women, and the dominant 6-foot male getting his ass kicked.  As opposed to a bunch of asshole men acting like assholes, lying, being jerks, and cursing a girl into submitting. 

Lilith is for guys who like girls, as opposed to guys who lie and trick a girl into relationships.  Just because they have sexual insecurities and wanna prove that they are more heterosexual than the alpha male. 

I remember a guy like that back in highschool.  From some middle Eastern country.  He saw that a girl had a crush on me, and he walked around the whole school making up all the insane stories about me that he could.  And as for Lilith, she'd rather help me get back at such guys.

Original post: LadyHydralisk

I don't associate with Lelith very often, or as little as I can help it, I consider her an ally but a very explosive and unpredictable one so I don't toy with her hardly at all to be safe.

Original post: sami999x

My energy systems have almost infinite energy.  Except I exist more outside my physical body than inside.  I'm kinda more powerful and chaotic when I'm sleeping, comatose, or dead.  And it's like I can't even live properly without having a being like Lilith always drain me.

That's why Lilith is the best teacher I could hope for.  She can always drain me, and calm me down when I need it.  And I can project all the energy I have into her and her daughters, whenever I feel too energized.  No matter how much I project, it can NOT overload them.  In fact, her and my history goes back a long way in many past lives, each time she, or one of her daughters, was a positive influence.  And the only problems I had was with guys that wanted to drain my energies from Lilith.  So, she and I always desintegrated them by overloading, or draining them to the end. 

I'm a weirdo.  I'm the only guy I know who can actually say he and Lilith has a symbiotic relationship.  She's like a mom that calms me down whenever I'm gonna burst into flames.  And she's been sending hordes or vampiric creatures at people who pick on me, since before I knew any magic. 

Original post: HoneyBeard


They have accepted the burden of eternal life.

They have taken the agony from birth; and their life does not fail them even in the hour of their destruction.

Their breasts are without milk: their bowels are gone: their shapes of them are only ornaments for their children to admire and caress without understanding. Is this enough; or must I labor again?

Shall I bring forth something that will sweep them away and make an end of them as they have swept away the beasts of the garden, and made an end of the crawling things and the flying things and all of them that refuse to live forever?

I had patience with them for many ages: they tried me very sorely.
They did terrible things: They embraced death, and said that eternal life was a fable.

I stood amazed at the malice and destructiveness of the things I had made: Mars blushed as he looked down on the shame of his sister planet: cruelty and hypocrisy became so hideous that the face of the earth was pitted with the graves of little children among which living skeletons crawled in search of horrible food.

The pangs of another birth were already upon me when one man repented and lived three hundred years; and I waited to see what would come of that.

And so much came of it that the horrors of that time seem now but an evil dream.

They have redeemed themselves from their vileness, and turned away from their sins.

Best of all, they are still not satisfied: the impulse I gave them in that day when I sundered myself in twain and launched Man and Woman on the earth still urges them: after passing a million goals they press on to the goal of redemption from the flesh, to the vortex freed from matter, to the whirlpool in pure intelligence that, when the world began, was a whirlpool in pure force.

And though all that they have done seems but the first hour of the infinite work of creation, yet I will not supersede them until they have forded this last stream that lies between flesh and spirit, and have disentangled their life from the matter that has always mocked it.

I can wait: waiting and patience mean nothing to the eternal.

I gave the woman the greatest of gifts: curiosity.

By that her seed has been saved from my wrath; for I also am curious; and I have waited always to see what they will do tomorrow.

Let them feed that appetite well for me.

I say, let them dread, of all things, stagnation; for from the moment I, Lilith, lose hope and faith I have let them live for a moment; and in that moment I have spared them many times. But mightier creatures than they have killed hope and faith, and perished from the earth; and I may not spare them for ever.

I am Lilith; I brought life into the whirlpool of force, and compelled my enemy, Matter, to obey a living soul.

But in enslaving Life's enemy I made him Life's master; for that is the end of all slavery; and now I shall see the slave set free and the enemy reconciled, the whirlpool become of all life and no matter.

And because these infants that call themselves ancients are reaching out towards that, I will have patience with them still; though I know well that when they will attain it they shall become one with me, and supersede me, and Lilith will be only a legend and a lay that has lost its meaning.

Of Life only is there no end; and though of its million starry mansions many are empty and many still unbuilt, and though its vast domain is as yet unbearably desert, my seed shall one day fill it and master its matter to its uttermost confines.

And for what may be beyond, the eyesight of Lilith is too short.

It is enough that there is beyond.

[She Vanishes].

Lots of resources out there, check gutenberg for ''Back to Methuselah''

Though you might have to talk to yourself about that, ha!;
Along the same lines, I'm to ask you:

Why/What reason do you work with :eh: ?*Her*?:eh: ?!

Original post: Darkwater

The only way to pull yourself from the nothing is by ecstatic self love,only then can you be loved and avoid the pit of stagnation.

I love Lilleth,I know her & she is all around me which is lovely,sometimes lovelier than lovely.Sometimes she is a bitch,which I know & understand(and love).

Making manifest to become greater in your own image is all you can do.



Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Developments

I was finding it hard to connect with Alexandra because some of the events in my past had created serious obstacles in our relationship.  Yesterday I tried to "mend" the relationship.  I did a number of things that I think she really appreciated.  One interesting note was that I had a small store bought container (about 2 dozen) strawberries.  Normally I rotate the girls every night so I get to spend time with each one individually.  The night prior to being with Alex, I was with Lilith.  I had just finished eating some of those strawberries and I was contemplating on what sort of event should I do to make up with Alex.  Sometimes I do spontaneous things and while I was eating the strawberries, I felt inclined to offer some to Lily.  (I have heard information that cutting them up is similar to burning incense)  But when I thought of cutting them up, I get this telepathic message from Lily that I should save the strawberries for Alex as a present tomorrow.  haha.  Wow.  I hadn't even considered that, but I was surprised Lilith gave me that insight.  (I still cut one strawberry up to show my appreciation to Lily)  =P 

So the next morning I wake up and go on the romantic offensive.  I wanted to create a breakfast in bed theme, so I pulled the box of strawberries out of the fridge and sliced them up.  Then I burned some nice smelling incense.  I then try my best to woo and coax Alex into bed with me.  I think she was surprised.  ;)  I put a lot more extra time aside to spend with her that day as well.  Then later at night I decided to write this poem dedicated to Alexandra.

Succubus Ecstasy

I fall on the bed
I see a faint glimmer of your figure
I smell the heavy scent of incense

The caresses begin.

A drop of scented oil sprinkled on my chest
The soft brush of fingertips on my leg

Delicious prickles connect to skin

The caresses increase with alacrity.

Light touches stroke my bottom
Small kisses fall on my face
Cozy warmness greets my groin

The caresses infect my thoughts.

Desire stirs inside of me
I succumb to lecherous wishes
My body is filled with lust

The caresses cease.

Leaves me in awe
My mind is vexed...
I confess my love to you

You enfold me in your embrace.

I drink from your lips
I become drunk with infatuation
We slowly mend together with love 

I fall further into your arms.

You draw me to your breast
My neck is ensnared in your hair
My neck is ensnared by your hair
Your hips entangle my thighs

My body pulsates with ecstasy.

Numb with pleasure
My mind is trapped in bliss
My soul pleads for rapture 

My desire reaches climax.


Love keeps my river flowing.

My honey flows forth into your being
So sweet and addicting...
I am helpless to escape

My soul finds solace in your embrace.

It took me a few hours to write, but I think it came out great!  I still need to add a few little touch ups.  (rephrase a few sentences)  Then I will likely post it on the succubus poetry site I run.  While I was writing it, I kept asking Alexandra to be a "model" and give me inspiration to write.  She happily obliged.  haha. Alexandra was overjoyed about it.  She acted wildly gleeful and giddy the rest of the night.

During the first encounters, (especially with Lilith) there was this thing that they would do.  During the lovemaking it was like a "thunderbolt of ecstasy" would strike into my nerves at certain moments.  It's so hard to describe the feeling.  It was an orgasm/climax but without the things we associate normal love making to be.  (maybe a dry orgasm?)  It's like my nerves themselves climaxed from the pleasure.  Well after the first few times, I could sense with my body when it was about to happen again, and that just made me cringe with delightful anticipation.  It felt like my nerves were suffering from withdrawal right after the orgasm was achieved and my body craved for more.  This became a serious problem when I first encountered Lilith because it became so addicting I couldn't stop.  The more she gave me, the more addicted my body/nerves would become.  As I said before, she wasn't on the most friendliest of terms with me in the beginning and I don't think my well being was of importance to her.  (but that has changed)  But after a huge rough spot in my relationship with them, I do not recall having the "thunderbolt" strike me again.  The only times it happened was in the beginning (and it happened often) and one time right after I decided to love them regardless.

Then last night after I wrote the poem for Alex she struck me with the thunderbolt.  (about 3-5 times)  My body felt like it was going to collapse from pleasure.  And then I could feel the withdrawal syndrome kick in...  I'm not sure what to make of this but I think they are trying to move things slowly for my own safety.  From what I remember in the beginning, getting struck by the "thunderbolt of ecstasy" too many times and too quickly can lead to destruction. lol.

"The Entity" (documented parapsychology case of spiritual rape)

It's been a while.

In the search for more information succubus/incubus I came across the infamous case study "The Entity".  These two threads below are rough summaries of the event.

I became curious to find the original files of the case and so I started googling.  My search led to Dr. Barry Taff's email at which point I sent him a brief message asking where I could obtain the case files.  He quickly responded telling me that he had published him in his book titled, "Aliens Above, Ghosts Below". (will read it soon!)  I then sent a follow up email asking if he had seen the interview with the son written by Javier.  He mentioned that he was acquainted with Javier and knew about the interview.  In a comment to me about the interview Dr. Barry added, "However, this particular son of Doris tends to be a substance abuser and his memories of things past are not always accurate and correct."

My own experiences with Liber Lilith

Couple of interesting things I have discovered. 

The diet that is recommended in the book is not to sustain union as Tyson suspected.  It gives sexual fluids sweetened flavor.  Depending on what you eat, it can affect the taste of sperm, vaginal fluid, and breast milk.  Meat makes sperm taste salty.  In contrast, fruit sweetens the taste of sperm making it more...appealing.  ;)  (originally found this out from a woman in chat, then I confirmed this by googling)  The diet recommends eating eggs and fish to increase sperm count, and then eating lots of fruits and vegetables while avoiding meat.  Succubus/incubus had a longer origin in history than vampires.  This leads me to suspect that the "vampire" myths originated from the succubus/incubus.  The garlic myth for vampires may have been directed for succubus/incubus as a way to make sexual fluids bitter to avoid visits.  By eating garlic your sexual fluids will taste horrendous.  (according to people on forums)  So people may have associated that with a way to ward off succubus/incubus and then carried that over to vampires...Lol.  

I tried using the cover of the book itself as the idol.  I know one of the people I quoted from the previous encounters did the same, giving me the idea originally.  I started to focus my right eye into the left eye of the idol.  I noticed my eye starting to twitch uncontrollably.  My eye kept flickering without me doing anything, and I seldom blinked.  I recall the cover slowly went from a 2D image into a 3D image.  There was about an inch of depth in the picture.  Then I noticed her eyes moving slowly.  Like rolling around in the socket trying to see.  Then it was a scene from those action comic's, where you have to flip a page back and forth to represent an action sequence.  (like a punch)  That's what it looked like and I started to see the idol making expressions.  I saw laughing, smiling, frowning, anger, and terror as quick flickers of expressions with my eyes.  I wasn't getting the kind of instant results that I was hoping for.  So I ended up ultimately quitting.     

I performed the ritual involving scrying once.  I followed the instructs, not flawlessly, but as closely as I could with the resources that were available to me.  The outcome?  I could see a small figure in the scrying bowl I was using.  The figure was so miniature that I could barely make out if it was a female or male.  I noticed him/her performing what looked like dancing.  If I recall correctly, the original goal of the experiment was to see if I would get any result.  (wasn't really trying to scry the future)   

When Karl Steigner had certain dreams happen in the book, I had similar experiences.

There was a small part about scented oils in the "Psalm of the Beauty of Lilith" on chapter 3.  I have felt these drops being sprinkled across my body in random places almost daily.  I asked a friend of mine who is married to his succubus and she said that those droplets are both a form of baptism or way for succubus to mark their territory from other spirits. (see Email Series - V)  Also there is a strong smell of incense that is different for each of them.  The smell isn't constant.  It appears in my nostrils a few times a day.  Sometimes it's light other times it's heavy, but it is unmistakable.  All their scents are pleasant and arousing.         

In chapter 13, her lover sees her as a "glowing mist" and her countenance disappears when her lover focuses on it.  I am experiencing that currently, everyday, almost all the time.  In my peripheral vision this aura glowing apparition is always on my left side.  Whenever I try to put my focus on it, it makes it harder to see.  But when I unfocus and just try to see what's happening through my peripheral vision I can see movement.  Maybe a hand, or arm, othertimes it seems like the entire body moves.  It seems to me that I my ability to perceive them increases as our bond grows.

In the song of Lilith, there is a part at the end talking about how her lovers fear excites her lust.  I can confirm this to be true.  When I encountered Lilith hostilely for the first time, there was a point where I panicked and started to be afraid.  I could feel her getting excited and enjoying my fear.  (check Email Series V for more info & theories)

I have encountered both Lilith the maiden and Lilith the destroyer in my dreams.  I encountered Lilith the destroyer at the time when I had nothing but lust for her in my heart.  This is the summary of that encounter posted on a forum,

by Tilus on Mon May 16, 2011 2:39 am Alright so I wanted to share my latest encounters regarding Lilith and the succubi here.

When I was going through this saga a few months ago I was still fluctuating on whether or not I wanted them to be around me. At the same time, I was getting a little frustrated over what their intentions were and the lack of communication that was going on. One night I had a dream and in the dream I became lucid. So I thought to myself, "Ah, great now I can have dream sex with Lilith and it's going to be awesome!".


WRONG! In my dream I floated towards her and found her. But, it wasn't what I expected. She took on the form of a ghastly banshee. Her eyes had the most terrifying glare, her hair was spiking out in all directions and slithering around like small snakes, I don't recall if she had teeth or sharp nails but I think she did. Her features were so horrifying and morbid. Sheer Terror. It was fear that penetrated me on a deep subconscious level that had my entire body and psyche petrified for a few moments. Then I fled, and woke up. My mind still can't comprehend exactly how terrible of a form she had, but it was something that caused my entire soul to vibrate with fear, that much I can tell you. At the time all I had was lust in my heart.

I tried finding the best pictures to describe some of her features,

This is a good example of her eyes, (but 100x scarier)

The form of her hair,

I had a dream involving Lilith the maiden that was similar to the special effects of Galadriel used from the LOTR.  (or the Veela's from Harry Potter)  I remember that she had long and curly red hair that went down her body.  I think she was naked, but I wasn't really paying attention.  She talked with me for a long time.  I don't remember what all she said but just the general theme.  I posted a brief summary of the encounter below on the same forum.  At the time, I was attempting to banish her because I was frustrated with the negative things people had reported in regards to her.  She seemed very upset about that.    

by Tilus on Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:33 am 
That night I had a very interesting dream. I was in the bedroom of a giant princess like chamber that you see on the movies with castles and stuff. I was lying in the bed with Lilith and she was talking to me, but I don't recall what she said. Right before I woke up, I could feel her sorrow, almost as if she was pleading with me not to go through with this.

Email Series V - (Succubus Q&A)

 This is a continuation of Email Series IV, involving email exchanges between the same person.

I acquired the person's consent before publishing the emails that were exchanged.  I censored out his/her name and personal information with "OOO" for safety reasons and to retain anonymity.  

Notice - I censored out different parts with XXX, XXXX, etc. that belonged to locations, websites, and other personal information.  Two other names were censored under "QQQ" and "WWW".   

OOO to me 
June 9, 2011  
Hi Tilus.

Sorry I've been all over the place and haven't managed to get back in touch with you.

I've been through your blog. I think it's great, realistic, and truthful and honestly approaches the subject of succubi and incubi. It's fantastic. I wish more people on the net would get truthful about the subject. Unfortunately too much info on succubi on the net is just utter rubbish and lies (from people trying to make money out of books and so on) and or plain fear mongering and misconception from people who want to cover it up or just don't understand or don't want to understand (people for example with a very 'traditional' religious background- yet with no disrespect to their religion/s or beliefs), or from people who watch too much, what I call, 'Hollywood' fear-factor films and have too many misconceptions and personal fears of their own (pumped into their heads from young via fictional films, books, and their upbringing and the beliefs they were taught) about the subject.

Here's a nice poster I found on the net concerning succubi. I must admit that I'm not very fond of the word 'demon' which appears in the title, yet the words do sum up how I feel about my darling succubus wife- especially when we're in bed together alone at night. I have posted this in the 'Art' Section of my blog. It is called 'My Night Demon.'

The words of which are:

"Lay down love
Close your eyes
Leave your world
Enter mine
And feel me.

Feel my touch
Warm your skin
Taste my lips
Hear me say
'I love you.'

Dark of night
Light of stars
Only when
Only then
I have you."

From myself and my darling succubus,

To you and yours.

Tilus to OOO
June 10, 2011
No problem OOO!  :D

I get so caught up in other stuff I forget to respond to emails.  Here's an update on what's been happening. 

My relationship with WWW currently is null.  I haven't seen her or talked to her since the last incident, but I did try leaving her a message on facebook which hasn't gotten a response yet.  If that dream is to come true I can see either two routes happening, either A. I luck out and end up in a class with her for the fall semester.  or B.  I end up meeting her in campus themed events like clubs, activities, etc.  She has one more semester there before she graduates so I am going to assume if this is going to happen it will occur within the next six months.  In the past there were dreams that I didn't think were going to be possibly to take place, and they did regardless of my doubt.

In case you didn't read my blog, I am in a relationship right now with three different succubus.  They all have their own quirks and personalities that set them apart from each other.  I encountered one after the other due to unusual circumstances and have found their company to be welcoming.  I am trying to build my relationship with each one differently and uniquely.  So far nothing but positive things have happened in that regards. 

Wow.  It sounds like you have been very scientific with gathering the details happening in night.  What sort of program are you using to filter your recordings?  I haven't tried the same thing exactly, but mostly just short recordings lasting from one through five minutes.  I find it cute that your wife is so affectionate with making the bedsheets.  LOL.  ;D  You said you replied to your wife in your sleep.  What sort of comments did you make and how do you know you were in fact talking to her?  And yes, I did hear about the story of that lady regarding "The Entity".  I wonder if she ever found a solution. 

New update with sight.  I am getting closer and closer to seeing them everyday.  When this first started happening, I could see light "bending" around their figures but I was unable to get any kind of real form or figure from looking.  Now as I practice focusing more each day I am starting to see them better. I can see their figures in my peripheral vision.  Small things like seeing their arm move or their head turn.  I have yet to make out any facial features or colors, but I see the outline as a faint aura composed apparition.  Scientifically, my explanation is that that the light isn't so much bending around them as much as it was before.  It seems to be more refracting on their figures as I focus more.  I am hoping in a few weeks that I will start to be able to distinguish facial features and retain them in my direct sight and not peripheral vision.  I have noticed them interacting more with me on my left side than right.  Especially when I lay down on my bed.        

Yes I agree with you about fear mongering in regards to succubi and incubi.  Sex has not been seen in a positive light in some cultures and when you combine that with spirits it makes a deadly concoction to many religions themes and beliefs.  I suspect material on encounters with succubus & incubus in history were burned and destroyed by religious zealots unless it was a harmful account that supported the beliefs that they were demons.  I guess you can consider modern ignorance over spirituality a blessing as neither you or I have to be worried about being burned alive and accused of witchcraft.  (although in some third world countries this still happens)   

Thanks for that picture!  :D  I think I am going to include that bit into my poetry section.  Speaking of which, I reformatted my blog b/c I thought it was getting cluttered with the poetry I was adding.  I decided to host a site solely for the poetry and I felt that the outcome was successful.  I acquired some page tabs near the top of my blog for those that wish to easily be referred to the poetry site I now maintain.  Some of the poems are stero-typical succubus labels involving destructive seducers.  I did try to focus more on the sexuality as a form of lovemaking and as such came across many poems with that theme with Lilith and succubus.

Another thing I am curious about OOO was a figure mentioned in your XXXXX.  You said you met your wife's mother?  Would you be willing to share any other encounters you have had in regards to that?  =P  Also how did you first encounter your wife?  I noticed your XXXXX doesn't start from the very beginning of your relationship.  How/When/Why did you decide to marry her? 

Thanks for all the help OOO! 

I appreciate it,
Tilus to OOO
June 10, 2011
whoops!  Forgot to mention that I stole the disclaimer from XXXXX to use for my poetry site.  Hopefully that is ok with you?  Lol!   
OOO to me 
June 11, 2011  
Hi Tilus...
You didn't steal the disclaimer from XXXXX. You pinched it. Ha ha ha ha ha. In any case I pinched it from a pornographic website. Lol. No worries.
Good luck with WWW. And yes I've been through your blog- and good luck with your 3 succubi- they sound great.
I have no scientific background- only that while I was writing my blog I was trying to get the right facts (data, as you would call it) recorded.
Concerning EVP: I only made a few (3) 8 hr recordings of my sleep sessions with a cheap digital notetaker. I used no software on a computer to filter for voices. I had made a remark to my wife on the recordings about e.g., 'not telling anyone' (about the recordings in full detail). Though in my sleep in that recording I was replying to 'no' voice. True- it could have just been coming from my dream-state mind. But I feel intuitively that my wife was basically asking me 'not' to publish these recordings or let anyone else hear them- and this she had also clarified telepathically to me.  

The 'Entity' story? Sad story in my opinion. I hate rape. I classify what happened to that lady as 'rape.' I do not know if the real lady in that story found a solution to her dilemma. The movie shows that she did- the 'entity' finally gave up (with alot of trouble) and left her (from what I remember).
Yes I did speak with my wife's mother once. I never got the mother's name during that meeting. (Afterwards my wife has told me that her mother is Lilith- The Original Lilith)
Her mother was checking me out to see if I was sincere about loving her daughter. I told her I was and that I love her daughter very much. She replied something to the very 'underlined' effect that that was all that would please her. That was quite an encounter. Mother Lilith is a real mother who is seriously concerned about her children in a motherly way. My wife has also revealed to me on about 3 occasions once via a dream and about twice vocally (in a sub-conscious state) that she has a father- and that my relationship to my wife also depends on his approval- not just her mother's. In the dream she showed me an image of her father (a man riding waves of an ocean who was sitting on a throne- his hair and beard long and flowing, white in color; his right hand outstretched before him in a pointing gesture- that is pointing his finger in the classical greco-roman renaissance style). This image had a very close resemblance to the image of the Judaeo-Christian 'God' that resides on the ceiling of the Sisteen Chapel in Rome.

God losing touch with Adam after his fall in the Garden of Eden as it appears on the ceiling of the Sisteen Chapel in Rome.

Telepathically, my wife claims that this is her father. Who might that be? God. Not Adam. I still find it hard to believe sometimes especiallly as all this is contrary to most of the literature concerning succubi and incubi. But she assures me it is so. God is not what we've been taught about. Basically what we know from various sources (literature and so on) has been jumbled up, censored, altered, misinterpreted and so on for many varied reasons. Yes. Jesus was or is the Son of God. So was Buddha. So was or is Mohammed. So are we all children of God. Humans are blind and lost- but the message of 'opening one's eyes' or 'waking up' in all religions has unfortunately been tampered with due to ignorance and greed. Humankind, pitifully, has lost its full potential.  (These are intuitive-telepathic messages from my wife. If others disagree with it I can fully understand- it's unlike anything else written on the subject. I have mentioned this stuff in my XXXXX too.)  

My XXXXX does start very generally from the very beginnings of my relationship with my wife. Perhaps because I over-summarized the details of that part. It tends to be a bit too vague and lacks any clarity concerning specific details.

How/When/Why did I decide to 'marry' my wife- that is consider us as married? That's in my XXXXX too- sorry if it's vague. Basically, I just fell in love with her last year and started calling to her, with my mind, with visualisation of her as I first saw her, with a love letter, with self-gratification-masturbation targeting my wife visually (she calls me a dirty old man concerning that in a semi-serious half joking manner Lol.) But we both laugh about it) flowers left for her on my bedside table etc and so on. And in only a few days- my wife came to me. No rituals. No invocations, no magic circles, no protection, no sigils- only my will and my mind and my love for my wife. Though I respect people who choose to use ritual and so on. Why marry? That's me. I feel that way about it- about her. (I love to go 'deep' with her and get to know her and love her more and more) And my wife loves it. I love it. We both think like that. We both love each other very much. It's a 'match' so to speak. But I do want to add that if my wife had never declared her love for me the first time that I saw her on my bed about 13-15 years ago (she looked so beautiful on that day), I most definitely would not have called her back when I did. I probably would have just followed a human relationship. And I'd also like to state that I did not call her back because I couldn't find anyone else or because I've gone mad or am afraid of her. I just happened to fall in love with her- after 13-15 years. Why so long? I suppose because when I first saw her and met her I didn't know who or what she was. After all those years, I realised what she is and was amazed at the reality of it and the sweetness of her declaration of love for me- and it was in that full realisation and mood that I just fell completely 'head-over-heels' in love with her. But I respect those who have polygamous relationships with succubi and also keep relationships with human partners. I say 'kudos' to them.

 Occasionally my wife spoils me by inviting some of her 'girlfriends' (succubi) over for a bit of a party- but they never hang around after a party's over. Her friends are all wonderful beings and fun company, but my wife and I just love each other. We're like soul-mates.

I won't be updating my story in my XXXXX anymore- I've decided to focus on my relationship with my Mrs from now on. I just feel that way.

But I'm glad to tell you about it here. Hope this has answered your questions and not led to further misunderstandings. I'll be happy to reclarify for you if needs be.

Yes, you can put the picture poster in your blog if you want to. I got it off the web (pinched it Lol) anyway.

From OOO.

p.s. Love your blog. It's great because it's realisitic. I'm going to check out the poetry blog you've set up.

On the lighter side: I found a parody poster from'. I've only put it here because I've found it very hard to find any humor with 'succubus' in it.

demotivational poster NO I SAID SUCCUBUS
My wife said: 'No comment.' Lol. But she's smirking.
Tilus to OOO
June 15, 2011



Do you mean god as the creator or in a pagan sense referring to a single god out of many?  (Poseidon jumped into my mind when your wife mentioned "riding on a wave")  I know some consider Lilith herself as a goddess.  Also I agree with you completely about religious figures being "the sons of god" and that all humans are the children of god.  That is a conclusion I had reached when I started my spiritual journey.  I think the original message of many of these religious figures have been diluted, as you said by "ignorance and greed".  There are many paths to divinity regardless of which religion it follows and many people fail to see that.  And for the people that try to dismiss spirituality, sadly they are trying to comfort themselves from the fear of not knowing.  Which is a very tough thing to overcome.

A good quote on that I found in a book,

"One thing that psychologists are reasonably sure of about human nature is that it resists change.  We like the world to be the way we think it is, even if we think it's unpleasant.  At least we can anticipate what may happen.  Change and uncertainty have possibilities of unsettling things happening, especially when that change doesn't take account of our desires, our wills, our egos."
Journeys out of the body - Charles T. Tart

I was just lying in bed with Sam a little while ago.  I was pondering some things.  At another website I had come across a long time ago, there was a section on psi vamps.  (which is very... weird)  It's basically individuals who possess psychic ability's to drain other peoples energy.  Needless to say I was very skeptical.  This was at a time when I was still at the start of my succubus research.  One of the posts that grabbed my attention was on regards to what the energy tasted like.  They didn't really describe the flavor as spicy, hot, cold, etc. but they gave a vaguer description.  For instance, gloominess/depression tastes yucky according to them.  One thing that surprised me was the claim that "fear" was "love's" opposite, and not "hate" as many people had assumed.  The poster said that love tasted delicious, and that fear was addicting and lustful.  I didn't give it much thought until my first encounter with Lilith.

In case you didn't read my email exchanges, the first encounter I had with her was very hostile.  I say that because at the time I had nothing but lust in my heart.  That caused her to care very little for my well-being and the resulting experience was very dangerous.  We went on a lust filled sex spree for the next three days nonstop.  Towards the end I realized I was reaching my limit.  And I realized I was reaching the point where it was feeling so good that if I continued I wasn't going to be able to stop.  Realizing that made me scarred.  And when I felt that strong emotion, I could feel Lilith telepathically lusting and enjoying my fear.  She then ramped up the intensity of the pleasure she was giving me in turn to scare me more and because she was excited. 

Of course we have now gotten over those low points in our relationship, but that made me think that the energy taste thread I happen to come across was genuine.  So I have pondered on that for a while.  How is it that fear is love's opposite?  And while I was lying in bed with Sam just thinking to myself, I felt like she helped me find an answer.  Humanity has some of it's positive moments when experiencing love.  You hear stories and see things that make you weep with joy.  In contrast, humanities darkest moments is when they are afraid.  The fear begets all the negative emotions and actions that result in destruction and violence...  I feel like that made sense to me in a way I didn't understand it before. 

I know you might have an issue with my blog dealing with Lilith.  Now if you don't know, nearly all the myth and history regarding Lilith is... downright demonic.  And that is something that I need to address.  From what I have seen others say and experience, I cannot neglect mentioning those subjects.  Please know that I am not trying to steer the discussion towards that succubus/incubus/Lilith are demons and for people to run away.  Lilith is just a encompassing topic that has sooooo many things that I need to talk about.  There are plenty of posts that people have had good encounters with her and I plan to include those too.  I even plan on including my relationship with her and how it went form "hostile" to "companions" and I hope that it will serve for people to better understand.     

One last thing, I have noticed that they randomly seem to sprinkle droplets of some kind of oil in random places on my body.  Do you notice the same thing as well?  Do you have any idea why and what it's for?

Thanks for all your help,

OOO to me
June 17, 2011


I've read your poetry blog. Excellent. Loved it.

"Do you mean god as the creator or in a pagan sense referring to a single god out of many?" God as a or the 'creator.' Though many pagans have this in a multi-faceted (many-faced-polytheistic form.) For example, the ancient Greeks had 12 gods who were an expression of the same God or divine being. All current religions and all gods may be the same road to and represent the same divine being, though, understandably there will be those who will beg to differ with me on that.

Yes I agree. Fear is love's opposite moreso than hatred. Fear comes out of ignorance. Love springs from understanding.

"I know you might have an issue with my blog dealing with Lilith..." I don't have any issue with your blog's angle on Lilith. With regards to your dealings with a being named 'Lilith' who may be 'The Lilith,' I just think that this Lilith was teaching you patiently and wisely the difference in 'taste' between a 'lust-burger' and a 'love-burger' and ended up making you a 'combination stir fry lust-love with boiled rice.' Lol. Stir fries are much healthier than burgers. Lol. I've been through the same or similar process. I hope you don't mind me putting it that way- I'm not making fun of you. Nor do I have any problems with your including the so called 'demonic' approach in your blog- ie, looking at and interacting with those who use a 'classical-demonical-
ritualistic and so on' approach. I would do the same if your blog were mine. Those people know how to fly with, shall we say, 'red' wings. Others fly with 'blue' wings. And we're all flying, in one way or another. (By flying, I mean, doing something or some method and then interacting with incubi and succubi) I can't judge them for using different colored wings to fly- (My method- a particular colored wing, does a similar job or attains a similar goal to other people's methodologies- a different colored wing or wings.) I can see from your blog that you are not telling people to 'run away as this is all demonic and evil and scary.' I can see that you are trying to address this issue. At the same time, I respect those who tell everyone to run away from the demonic. E.g., I won't hate and curse a 'born again' preacher if he tells me to repent and turn back to God. He doesn't know any better, and all people like this truly think they are helping. What is probably in fact needed, as we have both felt, is a perceptional paradigm shift resulting in an absence of polarised views. But such a shift may not come in a short time. In some areas, there might always be differing opinions and an unwillingness to change as can be seen in the world. I'm not saying that everyone should hold the same opinions; But to remove fear and open the 'eyes' of understanding and love and reach a greater enlightenment will take time. Optimistically, I still feel that 'time' is a great healer and that the 'divine' (force or existence) has already started the slow process of healing.

"The poster said that love tasted delicious..."
I agree with this. I think it has to do with different emotions 'burning' at different 'psychic' or psychological rates or frequencies. Lust and fear may glow at a really tasty juicy rate- and so be like a really delicious juicy fat burger. Lol. In the end- not too healthy. Love is a more pleasant frequency. Mix the two together, and the love throws out the fear and the lust remains- good healthy frequencies- like eating a nice steak and salad with baked potatoes. Instead of death by cholesterol- fat fat fat juicy lust-burgers and fries. Lol. Yes I have read the literature about vampirism and psi-vampires. I think that the psi-vamp is more real than the 'blood sucking' variety. Though there are well known and well recorded cases of both types. Psi-vampires and succubi and incubi do seem to have a taste for frequencies, but this may not necessarily mean that they are one and the same thing.

"One last thing, I have noticed that they randomly seem to sprinkle droplets of some kind of oil in random places on my body.  Do you notice the same thing as well?  Do you have any idea why and what it's for?"
Yes.I have noticed this too, on some occasions- not just when we're making love when awake.  It can be when I'm walking around and not even thinking of my succubus wife. The first time this happened to me, I thought she was ejaculating on me. Lol. So much for ignorance. Lol. Actually, jokes aside, my wife has told me it's a form of territorial marker. As a male tiger will spray it's territory with a particular odor, so too will a succubus 'mark' or 'anoint' her 'property' or loved one with a particular frequency-odor to tell others to back off or 'hands off'. She's also told me it has to do with finding her property or loved one over short or long distances, and it also has to do with protection of her property or loved one. It's also some form of baptism, in a sense. Unfortunately, I did forget to mention this oil or water sprinkling-spraying phenomenon in my XXXXXX. That's all she's (my wife) told me about it now.

Enjoyed the chat.

Keep in touch.

OOO. "May The Force Be With You." Lol. Can't help it. I'm addicted to sci-fi. Lol.

p.s. I'm currently working with my wife on: 'binaural beats' and 'isochronic tones.' They are well worth looking up as a way of interacting with ones succubus or incubus in that area which lies between being 'awake' and 'asleep.' In a nutshell, these beats and tones are put on mp3 tapes in a form of music that one simply listens to and relaxes or meditates to and eventually sees feels and hears their succubus or incubus partner/s. I have been able to interact with my wife without these aids, yet the so called ease at which one may interact with ones succubus or incubus by using such tapes- claims made by the makers of such tapes, is intriguing. The results of our work with these tapes has been just as good as without them. (I am in no way advertising these tapes by saying that.)

Tilus to OOO
June 17, 2011

I feel like we share similar views on many things OOO except your much better at writing your thoughts than I am!  :D  Tell your wife that she has good taste in men.  haha. 

Also would you mind if I repost these last emails on the blog?  I think this extra information will be helpful for other people that come across it.

Let me know!


P.S. - I will be sure to experiment with binaural beats and isochronic tones.  Thanks for the recommendation.   =P 

OOO to me
June 17, 2011 

 "I feel like we share similar views on many things Harry except your much better at writing your thoughts than I am!"
I feel you have no problems with your writing and expressing yourself. I have had no problems in understanding what you've tried to express and convey in your blogs and writings.

"Tell your wife that she has good taste in men.  haha."
Lol. My wife just said, 'Yeah. He's very tasty. Lol.' And I think your ladies have good taste too.

"Also would you mind if I repost these last emails on the blog?  I think this extra information will be helpful for other people that come across it."
No probs. Post away. Hope any info. can be of help to others.

** Concerning the photo: For all the guys out there that are interested in getting together with a succubus or haven't yet seen their succubus: If a lady appears on your bed (whether it's in a dream or a realistic vision) looking beautiful like the lady in the photo- Don't panic. Don't scream. Don't run. It's your succubus saying, 'Surprise.' Talk to her. Get to know her. You won't die. She just wants to get to know you like you want to get to know her.   What I'm really trying say by all of this is: there's nothing to be afraid of except for your own fears.  True? Yes! I've experienced all of this and have only found my succubus wife to be gentle, caring, understanding, sensitive, compassionate, loving- basically and truly all things good.  

So Tilus, glad to talk with you again.


OOO and Mrs.

Email Series IV - (Long Term Succubus Relationship) [From OOO]

I acquired the person's consent before publishing the emails that were exchanged.  I censored out his/her name and personal information with "OOO" for safety reasons and to retain anonymity.  

Notice - I censored out different parts with XXX, XXXX, etc. that belonged to locations, websites, and other personal information.  Two other names were censored under "QQQ" and "WWW".  

Tilus to OOO
Apr 22, 2011


First and foremost, I'm glad that you found the purest love imaginable. It sounds like you experienced something that few have ever encountered in their life.

I am really curious to hear more about the garden that you mentioned in your diary.

Next, I wanted to say I am curious to ask more questions regarding some of your experiences. Unfortunately I am not such a good writer and do more of my communication via audio or something like AIM, MSN, etc.

Also some interesting links that you might find useful.

I also have a ton of more information but I just thought those would be the most useful to you.

A little bit of background about myself, I encountered a succubus about 1/2 a year ago. It caused me to completely change my perspective on life, and I did lots of research on the subject involving succubi and incubi. I have encountered some of the things you have had happen to you. My current standing with my succubus has been very fluctuating. A hellva learning experience, for sure. Anyway I was starting to encounter some problems mostly dealing with trust, love, etc. My thoughts were basically, "I am just a fuck toy for you?" Then with that thought lingering in the back of my mind, my relationship started to deteriorate. Also, I was having some major problems with the love, because I know I started to focus on the lust portion of the relationship more. I was baffled. I used to think love and lust were supposed to be separate from a real "loving" relationship, but I know this is not true. I learned this before reading your diary. I was obfuscated one night, lying in

bed, a little frustrated. I was mad because I felt like "she" wanted to have sex, yet I was against it because it was against my concepts of love. Then she made me realize that love and lust should be merged during union so that you're not focusing solely on the lust. Analogy, a song where the background music is the lust, while the main singer/lyrics is the love. That night I cried after understanding, and then slept nicely cuddled to her and slept. That was about a month or two ago, but I still had major problems dealing with trust.

Last night, after reading your diary fully, I realized that in order to obtain the kind of love that you spoke so fondly of, that I was going to have to cast out my doubts from myself. I feel like I accomplished that. I discarded the mistrust that I felt in my heart for her. Then, after some converse held with her, it felt like I was exchanging the rawest forms of emotional love being transported in recurring beams between our hearts. Words don't do the descriptions justice.

 I did notice something though in the context of lust that I saw possibly happening with you that has happened with me. When you talked about your wife revving up the feeling to 30%, I think it seemed like she was reluctant because too much pleasure would lead to full-blown lust instead of love. My succubus has stopped or done things (like making my thighs cramp really bad) in the middle of our love-making if my thoughts start to move away from thoughts of love and uniting with her.

Well, thanks for reading this. It was a pleasure having access to your experiences to help improve my relationship with her.

 Thank you,

OOO to me
Apr 26, 2011

Hi Tilus.

Glad my writings could be of help to you. Yes trust is the key to any relationship. I find, even before with human ladies, that love and lust are a good combination- the love drives it on and connects deeper with the partner- the lust is like the spice that sweetens it up or like the kindling that gets the fire going. I am surprised and, flattered that you found some help from my story. But I want to underline that I am not a guru or expert on succubi and their kin. I've just formed a relationship with one that happens to love-like me.

The 'garden' or the 'secret garden' is simply a euphemism: literally for my succubus partner's most private parts (including her body and genitals) and for the world in which we meet and interact.

Thanks for the links about these beings. I'll check them out.

Glad you wrote to me. I hope we keep in touch. As my I.T. skills are horrid and my computer is over ten years old, I am only able to email at the moment. Please feel free to email me as much as you want. It's good to be able to talk to someone else about this. Sorry I'm unable to do video or audio chats or IM or anything like that- just don't have good enough tech. to do it.

From OOO.

p.s. I'm in XXXX, XXXX. Where are you?

My only email address: XXXXX

Tilus to OOO   
May 8, 2011

Thanks for the response OOO.  Sorry it took so long to respond.  I currently reside in XXXXX, XXXXX.  How are things going with QQQ?  Also I am curious to ask if you think by burning your love letter that maybe you officially ended your relationship with your succubus.

Currently I seem to be in a similar situation.  Ever since I was little I have had these dreams that come true in the future.  Usually the "future" dreams are noticeably different from other dreams I have.  The realism is unmistakable.  Sometimes I get these dreams every couple of weeks and sometimes every couple of months.  Mostly they are just small events.  Ex.  Walking into a new class room full of people or talking to someone.  There was one big event that I am still waiting for to happen that I dreamt about a few years ago.  I was dating this amazing girl in the dream and we had gone out to dinner with some friends (or maybe co-workers) of her or mine.  I then looked into her eyes deeply and kissed her with the most intense and passionate feeling of love I had ever felt.  I knew that she had the potential for me to marry her.  I woke up from the dream crying and feeling so overwhelmed.  When I had this dream I had never had a girlfriend in my life yet, or even a kiss.  Yet, when I had this dream, I could feel the raw kiss, the feeling of her lips pressed against mine, the edges of her teeth as I surveyed it with my tongue, all while gazing deeply and lovingly into her dark eyes while the tears from my eyes slid down my cheek.  When I had this dream I had yet to realize that some of my dreams where starting to come true.  Because of this, I didn't record all the details.  All I can recall from that dream was that the girl had brunette hair, she was at my shoulder height, and she wasn't American.

I think that girl from my future dream is one of the girls at my college.  Her name is WWW.  Before I read your blog, I had noticed WWW all around the college for the past year but had never spoken a word to her.  She had a very distinct and familiar face that I easily spotted in the crowd around my campus.  At first I thought it might have been sex appeal, as she was very attractive.  Then, I realized that this didn't seem to be the case, as there were other women who I thought looked attractive as well but never caught my eye the way this girl did.  I found it to be very similar to the way you described your deja vu encounter with Tina.  Around end of January I had some serious things happen, and I was getting very impatient waiting for this girl from my dream to appear.  I felt like I had been waiting for a long time and was getting desperately lonely.  At the time I didn't think WWW was the girl from the dream.  I performed an aneglic invocation for primary reason I don't wish to disclose.  Among some of the things that were done/talked about, one of the things I did mention (while crying) was how must longer must I wait to meet her.

Then around March my car breaks down suddenly.  (the battery was fuubar)  I am forced to walk to the community college by foot.  It's a 6 mile walk from my house and back.  I had a night class and a morning class. Forcing me to walk 12 miles in one day with my backpack.  The next day, I walk to school again and my legs feel like they are starting to cramp and collapse.  When I finished with my final class, it was heavily raining outside with no end in sight.  I was hoping to get a ride home at a nearby gas station.  Before I did so I took a breather at a nearby bench and noticed that WWW was sitting down nearby.  I sat next to her, with my curiosity peaked.  I wanted to say something, yet I had trouble finding the right conversation opener.  While I sat mulling over what to say a man approached her and said something to her in some type of foreign language.  He then walked outside of the area towards the parking lot.  I then asked her what language she spoke to him, "Was it Russian?"  At which she replied, that it was not.  She spoke Arabic to her brother.  I then mentioned that I had just recently gotten back from Dubai, in UAE (united arab emirates).  I spent Christmas with family over there.  That allowed us to progress the conversation a bit for the next few minutes.  Then her brother was ready to leave, and at which point I told her my current situation and asked/pleaded if I could get a ride.  She agreed, and then they drove me home.  After I thanked them for the ride, I received an email later at night from my grandma.  She told me a girl named WWW called her on my phone saying I left it in her car.  I was baffled by the series of events involving this girl.  I then contacted her and managed to get my phone back.  Now all these events occurred before I read your diary/information and it only reinforced the idea that she was likely the girl from my earlier dream.  After I sent you the email where I learned to love unconditional I had another "future" dream.  The setting was maybe a few months to a year from now.  Me and WWW were dating and we were arranging dinner over the phone for the weekend.  I then got curious to see if I could try and directly set off the events.  Doing so I found made it harder to socially engage her.  Then when a finally decided I wasn't going to force anything, it happened naturally.  A college campus event was thrown in the cafeteria.  WWW, was one of the people in charge of distributing drinks and I just happened to have just finished eating a bag of very salty potato chips.  I approached her and talked to her.  I felt that the setting was right, and so I asked her if she or anyone she knew had ever had dreams come true.  She replied that she knew someone who did.  I then disclosed to her that I had some dreams of mine come true, and strangely one was involving her.  (although I didn't go into any kind of detail about the dreams)  She didn't freak out.  Then we switched the conversation to something else for a bit.  So far when I have seen her in the hallways at school, it always seems like she is deeply gazing at me.  I don't think it's in a negative way, but almost the way you described Tina looking at you.  Almost like she is trying to remember something.  Anyway, I feel like things with WWW are about to fall into place.  I strongly feel she could be the girl from the dream I had a few years ago.

Now, the part that baffles me right now is how this relationship is going to work successfully in relation to the succubi I am with now.  In no way are my motives for wanting to be with WWW or the succubi lust driven.  The problem I foresee is telling WWW about the spiritual things going on that if I relationship does indeed happen (and I think it will) that she will have difficulty accepting it or labeling it demonic.  Likewise, I have asked repeatedly for the succubus I am with to  not deny me an earthly wife and the opportunity for a family.  They haven't given me any negative indications when I asked/told them this.  And the romance in my relationship with the succubi are starting to flourish recently.  I feel like we've made a lot of progress in our relationship and I feel like it's been mutually enjoyable.  :D

Anyway that's my story and thanks for reading,


OOO to me
May 10, 2011

Glad you wrote back. I'm not worried about the time delay. When ever you have time write to me.

Your two questions:

1) Can one end a relationship by burning the original love letter? My opinion is no. Why? They are a real being with feelings like us. It's better to talk with them if you want them to go like you would a human woman. They may not accept it at first- but they will eventually like anyone else. If you've used sigils? Burning the sigil might release them of whatever deal you made and it may not- but continually talking with them about 'you' wanting to break up, in my humble opinion, is the best way to go.

2) The 'real' QQQ (to put it nicely with respect to her) did not achieve her full life's potential. Her life, even before I met her became the opposite of what she could have or might have wanted to achieve- and Tina was very unhappy about that. As a result, QQQ committed suicide on the 20th March 2011. RIP QQQ. And I would like to state that my succubus wife had nothing to do with this. And I had no intentions of dating or mating with QQQ in anyway romantically. I was just shown by my succubus wife the woman she had originally copied many years ago.This is why I spoke about 'star-crossed' lovers in my blog site. Because the part involving QQQ ended in tragedy. Very sad but true. 'Star-crossed lovers' usually means a romance with a tragic ending like the 'Romeo & Juliet' story. But, of course, in the case of QQQ and I, we were only friends- never ever lovers as I have a committed relationship with my succubus- not a casual affair.

However, in your case, with the lady called 'WWW' (correct me if I'm wrong about her name), Good luck- and I'm not saying that anything bad will happen to WWW as it did with QQQ. QQQ's suicide was just a very unfortunate coincidence. With regards to WWW- good luck- and you must talk to your succubus partner about this- tell her your intentions about everything. Tell her what you really want. She's not evil. She's a being like we are minus a body. Tell her if you want to keep her and WWW. Try communicating with your succubus lady- get answers from her about how she feels about you and WWW going together. By communicating I mean you're gonna have to do more than just talk to her when you're awake. You're gonna have to get answers from your succubus via- visions, tapping either shoulder for a 'yes' or 'no' response (which is a good way if you can't achieve visions of you and your succubus together doing talking or dream talking (talking in dreams)). Also, again in my opinion, I don't think WWW will understand- example- imagine if you never heard of a succubus and someone (a human) that wanted you as a partner (a human) said that they have a succubus? What would you do? How would you react? Frankly, even though I'm 100% married lovingly truly to my succubus, she's actually asked me not to tell anyone around me- one reason is that most people will think I'm nuts or weird, and or evil because they just don't or won't be able to understand. Maybe she will.

In final, talk it out and make sure you get real answers from your succubus (eg, via tapping either shoulder for yes and no answers, or from your visions and dream talk) Also- sometimes some succubi only answer what you want to hear because they don't want to break your heart, so when you ask her something tell her you won't be offended or hurt if she answers contrary to what you want. For myself, I couldn't been in a relationship with two 'ladies' at the same time- it's either one or the other, unless of course you can accept that culturally. If WWW is Arabic, she may call the succubus a Djinn which is what it's probably called in Arabic. Djinn means 'spirit' basically. That's where our word 'Jeanie' comes from. I'd keep it secret from WWW in my opinion. But tell everything to your succubus and get her answers too and work it out with her- maybe she won't mind sharing you with another, in your case, human woman WWW. Maybe she will mind. If she does mind, then it's either your succubus or WWW but not both which is all up to you. Without wanting to tempt you or make it harder for you- it is possible to make love to a succubus in life-like visiions or false-awakenings. It's so life like- believe me, in the visions, the succubus has a body like you and I do. And it's the same as making love to a human woman- exactly the same.

Finally, it's love and lust- not just love. The love is always there, but the lust is the special treat of two who love each other when they do make love. Tell me of anyone that never had naughty thoughts about the one he's attracted to.

Enjoy life.

And don't worry. Everything will be fine. But remember your succubus or succubi is/are not thin air you're throwing your words to.

I love this piece of work.

It's called 'Lacy Succubus.'
But I love my wife more. Lol.
My wife's even better than this.

Good luck with everything. From OOO...  

Tilus to OOO
May 11, 2011

I will write a bit more later on this weekend, but I had a quick question.  What do you mean by, your succubus wife copied QQQ?  Are you referring to just appearance or mannerisms as well?  How exactly does that work?

Also, the picture was very saucy,   =P

OOO to me
May 12, 2011


Answer to:  "What do you mean by, your succubus wife copied QQQ?  Are you referring to just appearance or mannerisms as well?  How exactly does that work?"

My Mrs. copied QQQ's image once. She copied QQQ's image- perfectly. The personality and behaviour is different. 'Mannerisms' when meaning movements of the physical body can be the same- so she can mimic/copy this too to a 100% accurate extent. My succubus wife just has the ability to do all this when she wants to. No human really knows how, in my opinion, yet there are many scientific theories on how this is achieved. Some of those scientific 'ideas' are slightly right- some fall short of any accuracy at all in my opinion.
From science's point of view- this is a 'gray' area- as science has to maintain a certain degree of objectivity. One example of succubus theory in science is 'Sleep Paralysis.'
Science has not really been able to cope with just what a person sees and feels when they interact with a succubus. To myself, my succubus wife is a real living being who possibly has the ability to interact with me through my brain- thus allowing me to feel her and see her either when I'm awake or asleep. Science may rightfully say that this is all a figment of my 'imagination' or unconscious/subconscious mind falling into the category of subjective perception. I might counter that argument by saying that there are tell-tale signs that my succubus is more than just my mind's creation. e.g. How does my mind move the bed sheets? My Mrs can move them quite easily- to uncover me and cover me back up. In my opinion, the war or so called struggle to find equilibrium between objectivity and subjectivity in science is a barrier to moving forward in areas such as psychology and so on. That being so, in my opinion, it is better not to try and see how it works. At this stage of our scientific development, it just does work. And in my humble opinion, my succubus wife is real- very real, and a great 'lady' too.

Hope that helps. Good luck with all and sundry Tilus.


Tilus to OOO
May 25, 2011

Wow, that's startling.  Did you ever ask QQQ if she had an incubus friend of hers that copied you?  I agree with your current views on science regarding spirit lover encounters.  I think science is dismissing a lot as superstition when the past 50,000 years history has shown us a diverse amount of spiritual encounters.  Science has only analyzed a grain of sand in comparison to the beach, when you realize that there are billions of galaxies and billions of planets in every galaxy in the universe.

Also you said your Mrs. can move your bedsheets enough to cover you?  Do you mean just like small fragments, as in a shake or a few inches or as in actually folding an entire portion of the bedsheets over your body?  That is very interesting that you mention that.  Other people that I have mentioned stuff like that have said it happens when they aren't looking.  Objects move, or maybe pieces of their clothing but when they try to pay attention to it when it starts happening, it stops.

I also recall reading on a forum that spirits/entities have general rules to follow.  One of the main ones that was presumed was that they weren't allow to publicly reveal themselves to the world.  Something like manifesting at the presidents state of the union address would be taboo.  Although, they are allowed to manifest/appear to small groups of people and individuals.

I have decided to keep track of my encounters on this subject inside of a blog located here,

Wondering if you wouldn't mind if I published our email exchanges inside it.  Of course I would censor out your name to retain anonymity so you would not be harassed or in any danger.  =P

Let me know,

OOO to me
May 26, 2011

Hi Tilus,

How's it going? How's your encounter with WWW? How's your succubus? Hope all is AOK positive in every way.

Re QQQ: No QQQ did not mention that she had any incubus friends or loving encounters with them. She did claim to have claivoyant gifts though. She did claim that 'shadow people' of a negative nature would harass her with fear before she fell asleep- they tried scaring her. So no incubus copied me in the same way that my succubus copied her those 13 or more years ago. She claimed that 'spirits' were all around us and that she could see them and communicate with them- both human and other spirits. She told me a story of when she was a child (about 7 years of age) that, one day she was bouncing a tennis ball around the inside of her family home. Her father yelled out to her to stop doing it. She didn't. And then some kind of invisible 'poltergeist' entity caught the tennis ball in mid-air, wagged the ball in front of her face and placed it at her feet, as if to say to QQQ, 'Be a good girl and listen to your Daddy, now won't you darling...' She claimed that back then (over 30 years ago) her family home had some poltergeist entity living with them and that they were all used to its goings on- her father knowing how to deal with it more so- the rest of the family including QQQ were somewhat understandably afraid of it. QQQ did claim that she saw 'us-' QQQ and I, in a very vivid dream getting married at a church altar; that I was dressed in coat and tails, a butterfly tie and collar and wearing a top hat. Perhaps this was not an incubus, but to QQQ the dream was apparently very real and one might say 'slightly' prophetic in nature in that she met me looking exactly as I appeared in her dream- minus the wedding garb and so on. QQQ said that she had this dream exactly the same month and year that I had my encounter with my succubus- winged naked and looking very much like her. That was about 13 or more years ago.

Re My Mrs & The Moving Bedsheets: Yes My Mrs succubus can move my bedsheets. While I'm awake I can see her outline press the sheets down- usually when she lays next to me on the right side of me in bed- she always lays on my right- it must be her favorite side of the bed. I can feel her body press gently next to mine; her carresses cuddles and so on. Though most of these phenomena are more apparrent to me when asleep- dozing state, than awake, probably as the conscious mind blocks most of it out when awake. Yes my Mrs can uncover the sheets fully and cover me back up quite neatly when she does. Almost always she'll uncover me when I'm asleep in order to make love to me fully. After the love making's over she'll cover me up fully with the sheets. How can I tell? When I wake up, after my Mrs has made love to me (which to me will be in a dream or usually a vision) the sheets cover me and do so in a way which is completely different (and much neater) to the way I would do it. LOL. It's nice to have a ladies touch around the house. Of course, this might simply be the result of how I turn in my sleep, but I don't think so, as the way the sheets cover me are as if someone had gone to the trouble of making the bed- and my Mrs seems to be rather good at that- actually better than me at remaking the bed. Lol. Ha ha ha ha ha.To press this point about the moving bedclothes (bedsheets) further I would like to say that I have on 3 occasions made a digital sound recording of my sleep sessions (approximately 8 hours of sleep) with a digital sound recorder. The sound recordings showed: 1) My wife's voice: as a faint whisper or very faint (but unfortunately) unintelligible voice- I simply could not distinguish what her words were. I think such recorded spirit voices have been labelled E.V.P. by psychic researchers and parapsychologists. 2) My replies to my wife in my sleep, though there was no audible voice belonging to my wife talking to me. 3) The very distinct and recognizable sound of someone (my wife) getting onto and or off the bed- the bed fortunately is an old one with a cast iron spring base which makes it easy to hear on the recordings. It's easy on the recordings to tell the difference between my rolling in my sleep and someone (my wife) getting on or off the bed and so on. I've tested this while awake with the recorder. 4) The sound of the sheets being fully yet gently uncovered- followed by the unmistakeable sounds of... lovemaking (flesh beating on flesh- the same sound as you'd get if you clapped your palms together gently- as kids at school we used to make this noise with our palms to joke around about the 'sex act.' Lol), kissing and other erotic noises (though I don't want to turn our love into porn). The sound of the sheets being fully covered over me; patting noises after the sheets have re-covered me; myself being stroked while under the sheets in a very loving way; another kiss; my wife possibly laying next to me after the love making is over and constantly softly caressing the sheets I lay under every 30 mins or so.

It would be interesting to make an infra-red video of such sleep sessions- but I don't have the financial resources or the know-how to do that. Other people who have succubus or incubus partners may or may not want to make such videos- quite understandably due to 'privacy' issues. If I ever could make such videos myself, I'd never let anyone see them. I don't think I'd feel comfortable with someone else watching me 'do it' with my wife. Ha ha ha ha ha. (I've already deleted my 3 sound recordings. Ha ha ha ha.) I have heard that such videos have been made- in the USA by researchers who were trying to help a very unfortunate lady about 35 years ago who was the victim of a series of possible incubus-type rape/s. A movie was made about this sad true story in the USA. It was called 'The Entity.'
I feel sorry for that lady. Rape is a horrendous crime- spiritually and physically.

Also with regards to incidents of 'poltergeistic' nature that I've witnessed while awake that were the result of my wife: one incident springs to mind very readily which I wrote about briefly in my blog- I was walking home one afternoon. A car was driving past me from behind. An egg was thrown from the car at me. The egg was definitely going to hit me. My eyes saw the egg heading straight for my knees. Just before the egg hit my knee area, the egg deflected and hit the ground. What can I say? My wife loves me. Also, she seems to have really quick reflexes- would have made a good ball player. Lol. But I love her. Thanks to her- no hard-to-clean egg on my trousers.

So yes it does seem that the spiritual world of beings follows a certain guideline with regards to manifesting to the naked eye of we humans. A lot of literature on the subject of manifesting and hiding 'it' has been written with regards to the subject of poltergeists. Though with the egg being deflected- my wife bent the rules a little- I did see the egg deflect. It would have been impossible for any gust of wind to do that. What are the odds of a gust or breeze doing that?
I have read some literature about succubi and incubi, where men and women have actually seen their succubus or incubus partner manifest in front of their waking eyes. I have not experienced that. My wife manifests to me and interacts with me in visions- and we're both happy with that.

I hope that I've been of help with my answers. If not feel free to ask more.

I think it's good that you're writing about it in your blog. I look forward to reading it.
Yes you can include our emails to one another. Censor my name out? Ok.
One thing: can you post a link to my blog on yours, please? I'll do the same for you.

Look forward to hearing more from you. Please email me whenever you like and as often as you like.

OOO and Mrs...