Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Liber Lilith 2nd Edition

I recieved some good news a few months ago.  After doing some googline for Liber Lilith research I came across a book image that was different from the others.  It turns out a 2nd edition had been printed in Feburary 2015 with an alternate cover.  All other features of the book remain identical with the exception of the title image & a much easier to read font.  For those of you that wish to acquire the much highly sought delux addition there are still +20 copies available according to the publisher.

To those who wish to hoard and collect rare books - BEWARE!

The sevenfold curse is no joke!  If one goes and purchases multiple copies of this book with the intentiont to later sell for a profit then heavy misfortune shall befall the person...

With all that said, within the next year or two I do plan to perform rituals from the book and post some of the results here.  It will take a long length of time to acquire all the neccessary tools and resources, but with patience & dedication I will manage.  After spending some time medidtating I have drawn the conclusion that the instructions for the rituals, materials, offerings must be followed precisely unless indicated by the book or Lilith herself.  There are acceptable substitues that are permitted, but if they aren't mentioned then it is not wise to proceed.

In the Dragon's Flight blog a gentleman attempted some of the rituals.  I noticed that for a lot of the materials and instructions he was cutting corners and disregarded specifics things mentioned in the book.  As a result, he ultimately paid a steep price and suffered a mysterious injury.  I plan to avoid this same fate and will be following things much more closely.