Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Research Data (Regarding Lilith)

I've been trying to decide what data/information to present as the first analysis because this will likely set the tone for how readers will interpret this blog.  A really good website as a starting point which is dedicated to Lilith is,

It covers a very large amount of data about Lilith ranging from poems, myth, rites, and different cultures views on Lilith.  Now understand I am not going to be giving an internal interpretation about expressing your feminine side or masculine side through Lilith.  This is not what this blog is meant to for.  It's purpose is to attempt to gather facts and separate fiction from non-fiction.

In the first tab, "Goddess Lilith" 

it begins with a basic translation that Lilith is derived from Lilitu which means wind spirit according to Assyrian-Babylonian text.

Historical origin of Lilith,

It then goes on to provide some historical accounts inferred by the author.  He/she goes on to state that Lilith has many myths about her that are regarded as bad because sexuality was considered a bad thing back then because it would push a man or woman to perdition.  The author then makes the comment that in Sumeria Lilith was the "handmaiden" of Inanna who would seduce men and bring them to Inanna's temple to participate in tantric sex worship.  The author of the site goes on to discount that Lilith is not the Lilith from the Epic of Gilgamesh, Lilith is not connected with the night hag syndrome, or the Burney Relief picture.

In Nathan Nata Poira, Tuz haAretz, p 19

It goes on to say that Samael is given four kingdoms and in each kingdom is a wife of his.  The four wives are, Lilith, Naamah, Igrat, and Even Maskit.

In Moses Cordovero, Pardes Rimmonim 186d,

There are two Liliths.  One is great and one little.  The great Lilith is the wife of Samael.  The little one is the daughter of Lilith who is married to Ashmodai.  There is some interpretation regarding Israel that I am unfamiliar with.  At the end it talks about a blind dragon used in the sexual congress between Lilith and Samuel.  Also the terms used to describe Lilith and Samael, the slant serpent, the torturous serpent, Leviathan is the coupling between the two, all which correlates strongly with Donald Tyson's "Liber Lilith".  The blind dragon could be a possible sexual innuendo that represents the penis.  Also, Tyson claims that he had a vague idea of Lilith mythology when he wrote the book and he claims to have telepathically wrote the entire thing through an unknown spirit/entity.   

That's it for tonight folks.  I will be posting the continued analysis of the site in a few days.  Then from there I think I will make some rough assertions from texts in Liber Lilith that I think are a very good starting point in understanding succubus/incubus/and Lilith. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi everyone.  The purpose of this blog is to share and analyze information I have come across relating to or about succubus/incubus/Lilith.  I will attempt to keep most of my posts relevant and on topic so if you want to drop a comment about something you read feel free.  There is a lot of information on the web dealing with this subject and I will post all the links here for people to read and analyze themselves.  My personal encounters with Lilith will be included in this blog.  This entire thing feels like one giant puzzle and only a few of the pieces of the puzzle are within my grasp.  The rest of the pieces are hidden somewhere in the world and need to be explored to discover them.  Keep in mind this is mostly going to be an opinion on lots of data.  I will form conclusions that are NOT FACT.  Triangulation is a method researchers use to pinpoint recurring themes or corresponding similarities in data/information from different sources, which is what I will be attempting to do in this blog.

Please do not try anything reckless in some of the links I provide.

Understand that some of the experiments/rituals/actions in the links provided are DANGEROUS and can have lasting negative consequences in your life.

With all this being said, I hope you all will bear with me as I attempt to define my own meaning in a lot of the information that I will come across.  My grammar might not be perfect, my wording might be dull, my vocabulary will come across monotonous, but I hope my message gets across.    

Lastly, a very good quote that I came upon recently that I felt was worth mentioning,

"Knowledge is power. Like all things it must be balanced & treated with respect. Lacking it makes you easily used, abused & manipulated by all those with more. Too much becomes a prison that brings insanity & then death. Knowledge that's not tempered with wisdom is Deadly. Wisdom is knowing when & how to best use the knowledge you hold."