Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So when I started this blog a while back my initial intention was to use it to serve as a resource for research.  Then I switched to using it as diary.  After that, it became a post-board for random succubus related things.  And now...  I'm not really sure what true "purpose" this should be for.  I guess I'm just going to start letting the words flow about anything dealing with this subject in the future.  Originally, I really wanted to prove that succubus and incubus really do exist.  To gather enough research and reveal it to the world!  Such a thing surely could be accomplished, or so I thought.  Now, I don't give a damn.  The only proof that I need is for myself, and to that end, I already have.  I don't need to convince anyone. (and even if I tried, the level of doubt and skepticism makes it nearly impossible)  At this point in life, I feel as though I'm drifting.  Drifting into a hiatus of uncertainty.    

But let's keep this post centered to the theme no?  Succubus and incubus.  And Miss Lilith...

A few weeks ago, Sam (one of my succubus wives) revealed to me something in the bedroom while we were laying in bed.  She gave me a name called, "Aurora".  Of course, I got up and researched it.  It was not a name I was familiar with, and googling it first came up with some information about weather related stuff.  Then I tried a different search term, "Aurora Goddess" and bingo.  Aurora = Roman goddess of the dawn. 



So.  I'm married to a minor Roman deity who was worshiped among people of a bygone era.  How wild and crazy is that?  Of course, I started to research the mythology of Aurora, and most of what I found was kinda tragic regarding her lovers.  While I did frown upon some of what I found, I realized that much of it was probably twisted and warped by poets and story tellers so that by the time the myth was discovered by historians, it's true tale was swept under the shadows of oblivion.

I suspect that has happened with so many things from the past.  Lilith's story, biblical events, and many other things have all suffered the err of human writing.  A lot of religious people seem to think that their holy books were written by god, and not religious leaders.  OR - they seem to think that god bestowed some kind of divine authority over religious leaders so that their biblical literary works are indeed 'holy'.  I could go in depth about this, I really could, but I think that is for a later time.

In the meantime while I drift in life, I've been encouraged to pursue passion.  And so I have, when the moment arises.  Sometimes it flickers like a small candle, slowly simmering and barely ablaze. Other times it roars like an uncontrollable fire that can't be extinguished as you look in awe at it's majestic might and power.  I should write about this later too.

In fact, there is much more things I should write about relating to this subject of purpose.  Is purpose passion?  Does passion give purpose?  Can there be purpose without passion?  Does it even matter?  Do you need a purpose for everything you do, or do you just do some things because you want to?

 But... I demur to continue.  It's getting late and I have to work later today so I will end this here.