Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back in Action

Lo and behold, after a long delay I have resumed this blog.  There are a lot of events that occurred while I was gone, but I will not get the chance to mention them all in this entry.  I've had a fair share of encounters and learned a great deal.  Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will find time to disclose some of the information.  For now this small "revival" entry will have to suffice.

I did spend some time cleaning up the poetry site devoted to the Lilith section.  I found a piece of artwork that I thought captured the allurement of her personality and beauty perfectly.  This water painting below is called, "Kiss of the Enchantress" by Isobel Gloag.

It's filled with symbols and imagery that fit the theme of Lilith so well.  In the painting a knight and a beautiful red haired femme fatale are displayed together.  Looking at the knights hands in the picture, we can see that in his right hand he had projected his religious cross in front of his body in an effort to ward her off, while he attempted to unsheathe his sword with his left.  She ignores the religious icon as if totally immune.  Then she pushes his hand away from his sword before he can release it from its casing, while simultaneously drawing him in closer to her embrace.  He is looking directly into the face of this beautiful woman.  Her eyes gaze deeply into his, offering a seductive kiss looming between her lips...  He ceases his resistance and surrenders to her.

As he closes his eyes and is stuck in the rapture of the kiss, she entangles him.  A thorn patch begins encircling his lower torso and her hair begins to wreathe around his neck.  Her serpent tail begins coiling around his feet, while the rabbits in the bottom of the picture begin to flee from the tragic fate that is about to befall the knight.

The kiss itself is what is captured so miraculously in this piece of art.  It is the point where the knight has yielded to the temptation.  It is the seductive climax of the entire scene and the foreshadow of what omen lays ahead.

This painting captures Lilith's seduction...  Completely!