Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So when I started this blog a while back my initial intention was to use it to serve as a resource for research.  Then I switched to using it as diary.  After that, it became a post-board for random succubus related things.  And now...  I'm not really sure what true "purpose" this should be for.  I guess I'm just going to start letting the words flow about anything dealing with this subject in the future.  Originally, I really wanted to prove that succubus and incubus really do exist.  To gather enough research and reveal it to the world!  Such a thing surely could be accomplished, or so I thought.  Now, I don't give a damn.  The only proof that I need is for myself, and to that end, I already have.  I don't need to convince anyone. (and even if I tried, the level of doubt and skepticism makes it nearly impossible)  At this point in life, I feel as though I'm drifting.  Drifting into a hiatus of uncertainty.    

But let's keep this post centered to the theme no?  Succubus and incubus.  And Miss Lilith...

A few weeks ago, Sam (one of my succubus wives) revealed to me something in the bedroom while we were laying in bed.  She gave me a name called, "Aurora".  Of course, I got up and researched it.  It was not a name I was familiar with, and googling it first came up with some information about weather related stuff.  Then I tried a different search term, "Aurora Goddess" and bingo.  Aurora = Roman goddess of the dawn. 



So.  I'm married to a minor Roman deity who was worshiped among people of a bygone era.  How wild and crazy is that?  Of course, I started to research the mythology of Aurora, and most of what I found was kinda tragic regarding her lovers.  While I did frown upon some of what I found, I realized that much of it was probably twisted and warped by poets and story tellers so that by the time the myth was discovered by historians, it's true tale was swept under the shadows of oblivion.

I suspect that has happened with so many things from the past.  Lilith's story, biblical events, and many other things have all suffered the err of human writing.  A lot of religious people seem to think that their holy books were written by god, and not religious leaders.  OR - they seem to think that god bestowed some kind of divine authority over religious leaders so that their biblical literary works are indeed 'holy'.  I could go in depth about this, I really could, but I think that is for a later time.

In the meantime while I drift in life, I've been encouraged to pursue passion.  And so I have, when the moment arises.  Sometimes it flickers like a small candle, slowly simmering and barely ablaze. Other times it roars like an uncontrollable fire that can't be extinguished as you look in awe at it's majestic might and power.  I should write about this later too.

In fact, there is much more things I should write about relating to this subject of purpose.  Is purpose passion?  Does passion give purpose?  Can there be purpose without passion?  Does it even matter?  Do you need a purpose for everything you do, or do you just do some things because you want to?

 But... I demur to continue.  It's getting late and I have to work later today so I will end this here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So the past week or so I had an idea. Why not throw together a gathering for some kind of Succubus/Incubus/Spirit Lovers/Lilith convention? It doesn't necessarily have to be a few thousand people, but even if only a few wanted to come that would be meaningful. It would have to be in 2013, at the earliest. I think it would be really cool to get a chance to meet some people with similar encounters IRL.

If everyone could vote on the poll that would be great, to give me an idea of what public opinion is like... :)

Interested in attending?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Song of Lilith

Chapter VIII

O my love, you are lost. The Sun bows his face towards the Western mountains. You have forgotten the places of your beginning. You wander on the steeps and your feet are bathed in blood. You flee through the valleys and the gathering mist swallows you up, and the shadows claim you. The road is overgrown with thorns. The wild ass grazes in the thoroughfare. A thief in the night has stolen the marker stones. Twilight falls between you and the tribe of your father that went before your face. Their footsteps are swallowed up. Their voices have ceased to echo from the hills.

Abide with me this night and I will comfort you. Beneath the open sky I will give you shelter. Lie at the crossroads with your head upon my lap. White my thigh as the wing of the swan newly fledged, soft as the down that lines the nest of the waterfowl. Relinquish your cares of the day and I will soothe your brow with kisses. My tongue drips with the sweetness of the honeycomb. The lushness of the pomegranate that splits in its ripeness, even so my lips lie ripe upon your lips. Drink the wine from my mouth. My mouth is a chalice brimmed with the wine of desire. Become drunk upon my kisses, O lonely traveler.

Seek shelter beneath the archway of my thighs. My thighs are mighty pillars of alabaster that hold up the star-shot firmament. Refresh your tongue at the cooling fountains of my breasts. My breasts are distant snow-capped mountains from which tumble foaming torrents. Conceal your face amid the tangled thicket of my hair. My hair is a dense forest of fragrant spice trees. Hide yourself deep behind the strong gateway of my womb. My womb is the House of Holiness, yea, even the Holiest of Holies.

I am white and comely. My countenance shines with the pale light of the Moon in her splendor. Enter into my Secret Garden and lie within my bower. Stay with me, O my love. Give no heed to the passing of days. The seasons turn and fall like petals from the flower. The years roll away like clouds after the rain. Even when your span of life had ended, stay in my embrace. I will draw the soft blanket of the earth over you and lie beside you until the uttermost ceasing of the world.

Do not strive to rise up, my love. The long night has yet to end. I will not so soon be parted from the warmth of your breath. My arms cling around your chill neck even as the dew-wet strands of the spider hold the fluttering moth. My red lips stick with the sweetness of honey to your face. You are caught between the bow of my strong thighs. My matrix devours whole your swollen member like unto the serpent that swallows its prey still quick with life.

I am black and terrible of aspect. My eyes are quickened coals that smoulder with emerald fire in the caverns of my skull. Sharp my teeth like those of the dragon that crushes its foe in deadly embrace. Sharp my envenomed nails like the fangs of the viper that hisses. My lips are ruddy with clots of gore, my mouth drips with fresh blood, my forked tongue is as black as Death, the stench of carrion hangs on my breath, and the flies come and settle upon my cheeks. Jet my breasts like unto the hills of Gehenna. My thighs vast columns of ebony that extend down even to the very foundation stone of the Abyss. Leviathan coils his slimy length about them and makes his lair in my womb. It breeds serpents as does the putrid belly of the dead horse.

Seek not to flee, O my love. My arms restrain you with terrible strength. I bind you to my breast with the rank strands of my hair. I am the Jealous God. No other god shall lie with you. I am the Heavenly Harlot, the Queen of All Pleasures. No other lover shall ever please you. Your seed is the payment I exact for my whoredom. You are the source of my delight as the corpse delights the jackal in the desert. The screams that are born and die in your throat nourish my darkness. Your fear excites my lust. I will not cease to abuse you all the time that I love you. Nor can you ever be rid of me, for we are joined as one flesh under the dark face of the Moon. I cry out in the excess of my passions. My cries are like those of the bird that flies by night and screeches.

Fearful traveler, you sleep a sleep from which there is no awaking. You wander lost in a darkness that has no dawn. Resign your soul to my caresses and become drunk with the intoxication of my kiss. Verily I love you as no daughter of Eve can love you. You grow stronger in my lust than in the lust born of flesh. I teach you delightful sins unknown to humankind. The pleasures I give you are keener pleasures. The ways I open are deeper ways. Put aside vain regrets and forget the rosy glow of dawn. Make deaf your ears to the cock that crows. Nestle forever beneath the velvet shadow of my wing. My child, my flesh, my very own, how can you think I would forsake you?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Seduction of Lamech

Chapter I

The Masterpieces of forbidden knowledge revealed by Lilith, the Queen of Harlots, unto Lamech, son of Methusael, son of Mehujael, son of Irad, son of Enoch, son of Cain the Accursed.

It happened in the dark of the Moon, when Lamech with troubled mind lay upon his cot to sleep that Lilith came to him in a dream.  He knew her by the beauty of her red hair, blazing in long coils of beaten copper wire with the jewels of Egypt.  The dust of the rose blushed on her cheek.  From her parted lips dripped scarlet juice of the pomegranate.  Her eyes were two rolling emerald waves of the sea that caught the blood of the setting Sun upon their crests.  White her teeth with the whiteness of snows on the distant mountain, white her breasts with the pallor of the morning mist that lingers in the valley.

Lamech gazed long upon her, and his heart was smitten with desire.  He forgot the faces of his wives.  They became as bleached skulls over which the hand of Death had stretched a parchment to write mockeries upon.

"Fear not, child of my womb, for I have come to comfort you in the darkness of your soul."  So she spoke in a voice of wind on the sea.  "I do not know you."  I told her.  "You are not the wife of Mathusael, my father."

She placed the fingers of her palm, white as the lily, over my lips and smiled.

"Listen and be wise.  All the seed of Cain and its seed and the seed of its seed was given unto me even to the seventh generation.  Faithless one, you are a child of my womb as was your father and his father before him.  Deny me not!  Soon the blood on your hand will prove your birth.  Hark unto me and I will teach you wisdom that has not been spoken since the beginning."

Saying this, she drew me to her breast and thrilled me with burning caresses until I swooned with pleasure and lay in my own defilement.  Darkness intoxicated my soul.  From a great height I heard her say to me, "Listen to the wisdom of the aeons and be wise in understanding.  O son of blood.  When you wake on the morrow take pen and ink block and record these saying upon papyrus leaves.  Seal them in clay and hide them under the earth where I will show you for the teaching of coming ages."

She spoke many wonders through the night until the crowing cock announced the dawn.  Then she vanished leaving the scent of sandalwood.  Lamech arose from his couch and got pen and ink block and leaves of papyrus and wrote in the script of angels her words even as she had ordered it. 

My favorite parts of Liber Lilith

No, I do not plan to post the entire book by Tyson on this blog.  I just wanted to post my two favorite parts: The seduction of Lamech and The song of Lilith.  They will be the next two posts that I make.  The first one is finished, while I'm still working on the second one.  I went ahead and learned some quick HTML coding so I could highlight words and attach the dictionary meaning to them just by hovering over them...  I found that to - heighten - the enjoyment of reading the texts.

Enjoy!  ;)   

Monday, January 2, 2012


A short while ago while doing some reading, I came across this:

Pagans, is Lilith protective of her followers?

There was one important thing that bugged me in the "best answer" that was selected in response to the question.

From Saechael The Bornless:

"I've known many people who've worked with her, and most of them have had lots of problems with Lilith."

While it may be true that most of the people that Saechael has encountered (which may be limited to few) have had bad dealings with her, that is not the general consensus.  Most of the discussion on forums and online about Lilith involve people who have NEVER encountered her.  This leaves the air filled with murmurs of danger and negativity regarding her.  After reading accounts and talking to people who "have" encountered her, they regard the experiences to be emancipating to their lives.  Yes, there are some who have terrible dealing with her, but this is likely due from lack of respect given that makes her hostile to those people.  One does not have to revere Lilith as superior than oneself.  (although you can and she seems to love that)  As long as you give her the respect of being equal as oneself, then any working or dealings with her should be fine.

From Saechael The Bornless:

"People start thinking they love her (and also think the feeling is mutual), they get all sorts of crazy feelings, and no matter how much they try to avoid her...some how they keep trying to communicate with her."

Love itself is intangible.  It is possible to love multiple people.  It is also possible to love multiple lovers.  The only reason humans generally do not is because of jealousy.  To feel compassion, adoration, and affection towards another, is one of the biggest blessings in life.  There is no way to prove that a mother really loves her child.  Nor is there a way to prove that a groom loves his bride.  In the heart is the only evidence of love that no one else can see or know if it's truly there.  To say that Lilith, succubus, or incubus, falsely show their love is a fraudulent statement.  Some will say that they feign their love, to get something in return.  A damned soul perhaps, or a new slave for their whims.

How can one truly prove that it is genuine love?

By actions?

By words?

Both of those can be faked.

To truly experience love one has to believe that it's there.

For a long time... I doubted.  I could not prove if it was genuine so I did not risk loving.  Then I realized I had to make the blind jump.  The one that casts all fears aside. 

The jump - to love unconditionally. 

I shrugged off my doubts and closed my eyes and took the leap of faith.  And when I landed...

I found paradise.